Steve Welch And Associates - Dog Training Review from Los Angeles, California

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This man is an animal abuser who has over 13 complaints on the Consumer Review board. He underfed my dog, shot a BB gun at the shed he housed my 8 pound dog in, he drank beer during my training session, he yelled at me and his workers demeaning us by telling us we are the reason the dog is messed up, I don't listen, I didnt follow his methods.

I did everything I was supposed to do but this man took $1200 only to scare my dog more, use abusive training tactics, as I seen him hit the dog and there is a great Utube video of him beating a dog, but he calls it training and another video with his BB gun. When I saw the gun on his kitchen counter, I asked if it was real. He told he verbatim that it was a BB GUN USED TO KEEP THE DOGS QUIET! My dog was supposed to go there to get over his fears.

He is more terrified than when I originally sent him. He works on a fake business name that is supposed to be a non profit but they are taking people's money and not taxing them so him and Doggy Do Pet Services, the woman he lives with, can avoid paying taxes on this. Wendy, from Doggy Do uses Steve Welch as her trainer but won't tell you that given his horrific history with animals and being sued for a dog dying in his care. These people said in front of me, we gotta take their "f-$&@ing" money!

Referring to clients. She said this quite a few times. Then there is all of the dogs there. There are so many hidden in and around the house in crates.

Check out the garage. Full of crates that they keep the dogs in in the hot hot garage, closed door and all. Then there the tying the dogs to the posts until they urinate or *** in their spot. In the heat, tied to poles with no water.

INHUMANE!!!! This man Steve Welch is notoriously known for being abusive yet he is still working with dogs. He and Wendy B. are scamming clients for money to pay for her own personal needs and Steve Welch's illegal marihuana operation that he bragged about.

The Pomerian was there for over a month. I watched them bathe it. Wendy was so rough on the poor little guy. He was petrified.

She handled him as if he were a 100 pound Pit Bull. As you can see the condition of its skin. There were more than 3 I saw like that. My dog has red markings on its neck from their choke collar and Steve Welch told me I did that to him!

He would not give me my dog back either! I had to call Orange County Sheriffs. Once I told him I was coming to his house with the cops, he suddenly decided he could make "time" for me to pick up my dog, although I already has scheduled 4 days ahead the time and day. He called me on the road, as I'm driving to his home the day of, that I cannot get my dog because he had a DR appointment he forgot about.

He forgot a lot of things. Feeding, giving water, following through on his training which I'm glad I didn't get, because I didn't need to be around a person like that.

Please investigate this man. He should be in jail.

Reason of review: Bad quality.


Laguna Niguel, California, United States #1333790

He saved both of my dogs lives. One would have had to be put down for aggression and the other a runner would be coyote bait.

I received two transformed dog back from Steve and they are now in there golden years and have been a pleasure to live with , minus the fear of being sued or mega vets bill for injuries to the animals . Worth every penny

Newport Beach, California, United States #1268256

I took my dog to ONE private lesson with Steve. After that, we were done!

Our puppy wasn't bad at all so I don't think a prong collar was best! A few times he hit my dog in front of me. I felt so bad. When we got home, he was sad.

Tail between his legs, afraid of the leash.

Our happy pup turned sad in 1 hour. After reading all these complaints, I'm glad we are not continuing training with him.


These people should be put out of business and run out of town; only then they would start doing the same thing in some other town! They both need to be in jail.

Steve Welch And Associates - Dog Training Review from Los Angeles, California

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I paid for a dog trainer who did not follow through on his word. He promised things he didn't do.

He blamed me for my dog being the way he is. He didn't return messages promptly. I had to bug him to get a response. I paid for an item I never got.

I was told I never watched the training videos but I did. I was told I would be given all sorts of assistance and training to help with him after the training ended for carryover and only received a 20 minute home visit that was rushed and I was basically verbally demeaned and blamed again. Upon this mans arrival to my home, my dog shook like he never shook before. The force he used was beyond what an 8 pound dog needed.

I am highly disappointed and feel taken advantage of money wise. I am still not fully trained, still did not get the things promised and still am out of $1200.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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